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The EV-180 is our flagship skimmer, and one of the best-selling sump skimmers in the world today. Its roots go back to the original EV we released in 1999, and since then we have modified the design to increase its performance and ease of use. Today, the EV-180 represents the core principles of our entire product line: performance, quality, and value.


- SMC precision valve for air flow control
- Available John Guest Speedfit connection*
- Twist-Loc collection cup with EPDM gaskets
- Raised gate valve for easy sump installation


- 20" tall
- 5.75" x 9" footprint (not including pump)
- 3/4" hose barb water input
- 1" gate valve output
- 5/8" collection cup drain
- 3/8" threaded air inlet
- 1/4" JG fitting (optional)
- Gate valve exit is 8" high

Recommended Pump

- Mag Drive 7
- Mag Drive 9*
- Eheim 1262*

*Using a larger pump like the Mag 9 or Eheim 1262 will overdrive the skimmer, resulting in maximum performance. However, be aware that you will need to install a valve between the pump and the skimmer to fine-tune the water flow.

User Manual & Instructions